If you love a good cookout, but aren’t crazy about all that smoke, you will love the Smokeless Gas Eco Grill! Thanks to an innovative, S-shaped grill that prevents oil from dripping onto flames, this nifty little grill is completely smoke free, making it ideal for even indoor grilling. The Smokeless Gas Eco Grill features ceramic charcoal logs and far infrared rays that simultaneously cook meat – crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside – with no burnt aftertaste. The Smokeless Gas Eco Grill also comes with a convenient detachable pan and oil drip tray, making cleaning a breeze.

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If you are already enjoying healthy, smokeless grilling on your Eco Grill and just require parts, you can find these below. If not, say goodbye to smokey grilling with a Smokeless Gas Eco Grill today!

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