Gas Grill Troubleshooting Guide: Grill Grate & Warming Rack Replacement

food cooking on a gas grill and warming rack

Gas Grill Troubleshooting Guide: Cooking Grids & Warming Racks

Grill Anatomy 101: What Are Cooking Grids & Warming Racks?

Most people use the word “grill” to refer to the entire grill, including the cooking surface. But, actually, these are technically cooking grids. They are the business end of your grill that allow food to sit just above your heat source. Cooking grids not only produce those distinct grill marks, they also prevent food from landing in the flames. Cooking grids also ensure that food cooks evenly and prevent food from sticking to the cooking surface.

Replacement cooking grids can be made from stainless steel, cast iron, or porcelain depending on your grill – and they come in many different shapes and sizes.

Stainless steel cooking grid replacements are better for cooking on high heat. 

Cast iron cooking grid replacements retain heat for longer and are better suited to cooking on low heat, over longer periods.

Porcelain cooking grid replacements have excellent non-stick properties and are easier to clean.

A warming rack, on the other hand, is a wire rack that’s positioned above your cooking grids, but still under the hood. In our experience, warming racks are among the most underutilized components of a gas grill.

Warming racks are used exactly as their names suggest. Their purpose is to keep already-cooked foods warm while you finish grilling your feast. 

Did you know that warming racks can also act as an additional grilling area? Not every type of food requires direct heat when you’re grilling. You can foil wrap almost any kind of vegetable and cook it right on your grill’s warming rack. You can also toast buns or bread on the warming rack.

Another handy use for a warming rack is when you’re experiencing pesky flame flare-ups due to fat or marinade dripping onto the grill burners. Instead of trying to huddle ingredients away from the flames, try lifting them up to the warming rack and out of the way until you have the flame flare-ups under control.

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How To Replace Your Cooking Grids & Warming Racks

Step 1: The first step to replacing your cooking grids and warming racks is to simply remove the old ones.

Step 2: Determine the type of cooking grid or warming rack you need and acquire your cooking grid or warming rack replacement part.

How to find your grill model

You should find a sticker with a barcode or series of numbers and letters on one of the legs of your grill, inside a cabinet, or on the back of one of the panels. Use the brand name, grill model, and the year for your grill model at

Step 3: Replace your cooking grids and warming racks by purchasing new ones.

Now that you know which type of cooking grid replacement you need for the model and make of your gas grill, simply add to cart, order, and we'll deliver your new grill replacement parts

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Warming rack replacements are often made from the same material as cooking grids – stainless steel, cast iron, or porcelain-coated steel.

Once again, follow the steps above to determine which warming rack replacement is designed for your grill.

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How To Clean Your Cooking Grids & Warming Rack

Watch as Chef Matt Yuen of Little Meats LA demonstrates how to properly clean your grill grates. 


Step-by-Step Instructions For How To Clean Your Grill Grates

Step 1: Clean your cooking grids and warming racks with hot water.

Step 2: Remove the grease build-up on the grill grates using a wire brush or steel wool pad.

Step 3: Use a degreaser to remove any remaining residue left after the cleaning process.

Step 4:  If you notice rust spots forming, use an abrasive cleaner such as Bar Keepers Friend to remove them.

Step 5: Rinse off all parts of the grill after you've applied the abrasive cleaner to prevent rust.

Step 6: Dry your grill well, then apply a light coat of oil to your grates and warming rack to discourage rust and corrosion. 

Check out how to thoroughly clean and maintain your gas grill and all of its components here.

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Finding the Right Cooking Grid & Warming Rack Replacement

My Grill Parts is your go-to online supplier for quality grill replacement parts. 

We’ll make sure that you can grill safely and conveniently year-round. You can search for your replacement grill parts by brand using our website. You can also find what you need by entering your grill’s model number.

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